How to get

Discover the intersection of history, nature and culture.

There are lots of ways to get to the bay (3 roads), and a whole wide world to discover.

Nacional N-332, the road from Cartagena to Aguilas, crosses the northern part of the municipality, while comarcal 3315 goes through all the municipality, north to south, connecting Mazarrón to Puerto de Mazarrón.

Heading north and connecting the municipality with Totana, Alhama de Murcia or Murcia city is the RM3, linked to RM23 and A7.

Mazarrón has access to AP-7 highway (Cartagena-Vera), which is the fastest way to connect the municipality with Andalusia and Cartagena city.

Last but not least, there are coach lines connecting directly the main spots in Murcia region and the Regional Airport of Corvera.